There is an Outhouse in the 2009 Disney Pixar movie "Up"
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    Received this email from a visitor and sure enough, I saw the outhouse in the movie. Follow these directions to see the Outhouse. I'm not sure how long this will be available to view.
    In Disney's Pixar movie, "Up", released in 2009, at the beginning, just after the brief black and white portion of the movie transforms into color, the boy, Carl, is walking home from the movies on a sidewalk through a residential section and passes right in front of a house with an outhouse, complete with a crescent moon.
    This person had the DVD, but for you or anyone interested in taking a peek at this, they found it at under videos. They typed, "Disney's Up" in the search bar, and then they clicked on the first selection. It takes a while when "connecting..." and "buffering...", but once the movie starts streaming, the outhouse part appears at 2:44 from the beginning. At the time of this writing, here is a link to it. Just click on the picture for the movie to start.
    The contributor hoped we can find it and somehow pass the info along to all of our outhouse enthusiasts!

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