This Outhouse, built in 1892 and located
somewhere in New York, is still in use today!
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Outhouse built in 1892 is still in use today!
Outhouse built in 1892 is still in use today!
Photo contributed by Bruce C.
Used by permission

    I received an email from Bruce with a picture of his outhouse that was built in 1892. It has an interesting history as you will read next.
    When indoor plumbing became popular during the 1940's most everyone destroyed their old outhouses. However, Bruce chose to keep his. He finds it very handy when working in the yard and not wanting to track into the house and up the stairs to their bathroom.
    For many years he wondered why there were two sections. The one on the left had two seats for adults and one low seat for children. The section on the right, (now in use) has only one seat. It was pointed out to him that the family who built the outhouse in 1892, had servants who were black. At that time it was unheard of for a black servant to share the same toilet facilities that the white family used. Unbelievable isn't it?
    His grandparents removed the seating from the left side and converted it to garden tool storage.
    A friend painted the half moon on the left door, and the sun on the right. Both sides have half moon windows in them.

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