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The neat thing about the Web is that once you get started on your journey, you end up no where near where you started.
My journey's have taken me to some of the sites listed below.

Feeling a bit S t R e SS e D out ?
(Don't forget to come back now...)
Select the balloon to
go to a great site
to relieve it !
If you are feeling lost or depressed for other personal reasons and don't know who to turn to, here is one of the best links on the internet. Take a look at their web site and then Email "" and ask for the free cassette, "Decision Determines Destiny", to be sent to your home. It may be the best thing you ever do in your life.
Ham Radio - ARRL Information:
What is Amateur Radio all about? Search Engine
Search the Internet with Go.Com
The Porterfield's Cow Farm -
If you like cows, you have to go here!

Check out Tortola and the British Virgin Islands
What's the Weather like in Tortola? How about St. Johns, which is within sight of Tortola? Select the beach to See...
The Aviation Enthusiast Corner
NASA & the Space Shuttle
Visit the EAA (Experimental Aviation Association) here
Front of C. R. Sparks Restaurant in Bedford, NH
My FAVORITE Restaurant in Bedford, NH
Try the fresh Salmon grilled on a cedar plank in their wood fired oven!
Real Audio is HOT!
You will need it to listen to some of my Real Audio files.
University of Michigan Football
Michigan Football Information and Real Audio of Bob Ufer!
Take me to Switchboard.Com Looking for a long lost friend or relative?
Give this link a try. I use it a lot.
GPS Information Want to find out what a GPS is.
Everything you need to know is on this link.
The National Weather Service Want to know something about the weather? Check this out!
Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine is about flying. Find out about Top Secret aircraft and how they came to be. This is a great magazine!
Michigan Disaster Information Read a Michigan Newspaper;
See Weather and Disaster Information
The GEBERIT ShowerToilet Now when you go to the toilet,
there's no need to wipe with this toilet!
Find out about the Town I used to live in. This page is VERY informative.
Live, interactive science programs Throw out the textbooks and take part in live, interactive science programs broadcast from real time expedition sites.
Looking for a book? Try out this site for finding the book of your choice.
What does beer really look like? Want to see what your favorite beer looks like under an electron microscope? Once you magnify it, beer molecules really look beautiful!

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