Oshkosh is THOUSANDS of airplanes of ALL types!

Photo by J. Loose Copyright © 1997

This photo shows Wittman Field at Oshkosh, Wisconsin and was taken looking toward the East. You can see Runway 9/27 on the left and Runway 18/36 running from left to right. If you look closely you can see the thousands of planes parked on either side of the runways in the grassy areas. Near the center at the bottom you can see the museum and the camping are parking areas are on the lower right.

Oshkosh has one of the best Aviation Museums!

This is an aerial picture of the Aviation Museum at Oshkosh Wittman Field. It consists of 2 parts; The Pioneer Airport and the Museum. Pioneer Airport is the home of several hangers containing aircraft of all ages and types flown during the early days of aviation. All planes are in working order and are flown from time to time from the grass strip between the Pioneer Airport and the Museum. The actual Museum has one of the best sections covering all aspects of aviation during World War II that I have ever seen. It alone is worth the trip to Oshkosh.

Oshkosh is Camping under the Wings of your plane!

Every year during the last week of July thousands of aviation enthusiasts and pilots descend from the skies to land at Wittman Field. One of the highlights for many of them is camping under their wings. Many friendships are made during the week long stay at the field.

All photo's above except where noted were taken by the EAA. Visit their home page which can be found on my favorite links home page.

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