Witchy Oldham County Kentucky Outhouse
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Witchy Oldham County Kentucky Outhouse
Witchy Oldham County Kentucky Outhouse
Photo taken by Kevin Craig
Used by permission

Here is what it looks like in the Summer
Witchy Oldham County Kentucky Outhouse in the Summer
Photo used by permission

    This photo was taken on River Bend Farm in Goshen, Kentucky. It is just the oddest looking outhouse with the fresh snow swirling around. This shot is from Oldham County in Kentucky. The old horse farm that this One-Holer is on has seen better days as well as the house. This picture was taken on March 8, 2008 during a strange March snow storm. Black and white was chosen to make it look "creepy".
    We love follow-up photos and this one just came in of the same outhouse in the summer. This is the same shot more or less as the Oldham County one holer but in the Spring.

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