ATT Tower Outhouse in Little Falls, Minnesota
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Little Falls, MN ATT Tower Outhouse
Little Falls, MN ATT Tower Outhouse
Photo by E. Westgard
Picture of the former ATT Tower behind the Outhouse
Picture of the former ATT Tower behind the Outhouse
Photo by E. Westgard
    Here is another AT&T Tower Outhouse. This Outhouse is located at a site in Little Falls, MN.
    The contributor just finished replacing the new roof on their "privy" as it was called on the plans. This particular Outhouse was built in 1954 (a very good year we might add) along with the site. The rot near the ground came from dirt touching the wood siding. Mr. Westgard says they are very impressed by their Outhouse- it has a nice vent, screens, etc. Restoring the Outhouse was a key priority for them. The site is being re-used by the Lakes Area Repeater Association as a Ham Radio emergency network site. Since the curator of the Outhouses of America site is a Ham Radio Operator, this is very nice to hear. When cell phones and local communication stops working like it did during the summer blackout of 2003, Ham Radio will be there to provide emergency communications. This tower is also being rented to commercial customers.

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