San Franscisco, California "Modern" Outhouses and
How to Prevent Being Pick Pocketed

Look at what is on the truck next to us!
Look at what is on the truck next to us!
Photo by R. Loose
An Electronic Modern Outhouse in San Franscisco
An Electronic Modern Outhouse in San Franscisco
Photo by R. Loose
A Modern form of an Outhouse in California
A Modern form of an Outhouse in California
Photo by R. Loose
    My wife went on a trip to California for a conference and while driving on the freeway, she looked out the car window and a truck pulled up next to her carrying portable Outhouses! She pulled out her camera and snapped a picture of them!
    The other two pictures were taken somewhere in San Francisco, California. This is an electronic form of an Outhouse but the toilet inside flushes. You pay your money and the door electronically opens (hopefully it doesn't open when someone else is inside! You then go in and do your business. I don't know if there is a timer or not. I can just see a timer set for 5 minutes and the time expires while someone is sitting on the pot reading a newspaper. I mean, what if people are waiting? There has to be a time limit, right?
    The reason why this is so interesting is that the same electronic Outhouse can be found in Barcelona, Spain. I was there in the 90's and saw one on the famous street where all the artists draw their unbelievable pictures with colored chalk on the cement sidewalks. Ah yes, Barcelona...the only place in the world where someone managed to pick pocket me on a subway BUT I got my wallet back. I was over 6 feet tall and the wimp who took it was about 5 feet tall. When I stood over him, he cowered and handed my wallet back and then bolted off the subway when the door opened. Wimp! One word of caution to all people traveling around the world. Do not keep your wallet in your back pocket. It is an easy target for pick pocketers. Keep your wallet in your front pants pocket well down inside or in your breast pocket of a jacket. You can also wear a fanny pack or a lot of men carry what looks like a purse. I recommend shoved down inside the front pants pocket. Just so you know how they do this, here is what happened...
    I got on the subway and remained standing by the door. A man spoke fast Spanish to me and motioned for me to sit down. I didn't know what he said so I went over and sat down. Across from me was a girl in a short skirt and it was hiked way up. All of a sudden the guy who motioned for me to sit down started talking again in Spanish and made motions like something was on my jacket. He made motions like he would wipe it off with a napkin he was carrying. He motioned for me to stand up and since I didn't know any better, I did. He then began to wipe off the "shaving cream he had sprayed on the back of my jacket as I sat down". As he wiped it off, he began to move lower and lower and then he popped my wallet out and then quickly sat down again. I knew my wallet had been lifted so I stood over him and made a fist and yelled "Give me my wallet back!!!". He had it hidden in his hand under a piece of paper. Like I said, he gave it back and then bolted off the subway as the door opened.
    Here are pointers to keep from being pick pocketed:
  • If you are carrying a camera out in the open, you are a dead giveaway that you are a tourist.
  • If your carry on bag has a US Air sticker or anything that says US on it, you are advertising that your are an American.
  • If you carry a wallet in your back pants pocket and the pants are worn enough to see the wallet mark, you are advertising that your carry a wallet there.
  • Don't let a nice looking girl distract you when you are traveling.
  • Be aware at ALL TIMES who is around you and what are they doing.
  • If someone says there is something on your jacket, quickly stand up and move to another area where you can check it out without being pick pocketed.

  What else can you see in the images shown? Many times a photo is worth a thousand words and I've only elaborated with a few so why don't you add some "color commentary" to my collection. If your addition is worthy, you will find the quote added on the Comments to the Curator page.

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