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Welcome to the Outhouses of America Tour. If you have any suggestions for us, please click the Contact button on the left side and we will consider your suggestion in a future release. Thank you for visiting the "tour".

The Outhouses of America Tour is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Outhouses, backhouses and loos. What began as a joke in 1996 has grown into a "World-Famous" web site about Outhouses. We hope you enjoy your stay with us. We are always looking for pictures of your favorite Outhouse. Preferably, you either built it yourself or you restored an old Outhouse back to life.

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Featured Outhouse

William Faulkner's Frenchman's Bend Outhouse
at the museum in New Albany, MS, Faulkner's birthplace

Located at William Faulkner's Frenchman's Bend at the museum in New Albany, MS, Faulkner's birthplace

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How many of you served in Vietnam or know someone who did?
We have a page devoted to various forms of "Outhouses" that the troops used. Click here to see them.
New pictures added to the Vietnam memory page on August 4, 2016.
In Memory of the 58,267 Brothers and Sisters Who Never Returned

Here's a typical outhouse in Alaska.
Fly into Fairbanks, Alaska and this will be the first outhouse you will see!
Fairbanks, Alaska Outhouse

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