A Southern Ohio Outhouse Decorated at Christmas
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An Outhouse at Christmas - time
An Outhouse at Christmas - time
Photo from M. Keith
    This family lives in Southern Ohio. They've had "scouts" looking for an actual outhouse to no avail (found one in Rockholds, KY but it was too dilapidated to tear town - but they got the door!). So they commenced to build one around the door and here it is at Christmas! The chain on the doorknob (the actual knob)is a cow chain. They had everyone looking for a real outhouse to buy. Their cousins in KY found one and the family said they could have it! They drove down there and it looked fantastic. The trouble was it was on a cliff tied to a tree with a cable keeping it from falling. Upon further investigation, the back was too rotten to even try to disassemble so they took the door, hinges and all, thrilled to have that! Last summer (2004) they started their first construction job of building this outhouse with their prized door. They claim they never had so much fun! They used a miniature dollhouse outhouse as our model. Mr. Keith put 3 windows with closing shutters and Mrs. Keith put the screens in. They made it a "one-holer"; could be two but Mrs. Keith wanted the shelf room as this would be her garden "house" to keep flower pots etc. in. They couldn't find the paint they wanted but got some ideas from a man working in the paint department of a local hardware store. They first painted it a dark brown gloss, then they used a very putrid color green and then finished it off with an off-white. The outcome was just beautiful...They've had people ask them where they got it! No one can believe it isn't real. They added some old washtubs purchased at an auction, a cow chain, old faded sign on chains (donated by a friend) and flowers will be blooming soon. They were so proud of it that they took a picture album to their family get-together, showing the step-by-step progress of the construction. The album was a big hit. Their Christmas cards had the picture of their "new addition" with the greeting "From Our Outhouse to Yours". It brings back memories, some good, some bad, of their grandpa's outhouse which is gone now. His was centered around the chickens, bees the size of bats, and lizards that kept you company.

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