Pre-Fab Outhouse built at home for a Northern Michigan Camp
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Front of Jay G's Outhouse with Moon and Star
Front of Jay G's Outhouse with Moon and Star
Photo donated by Jay G.
Inside of Jay G's Outhouse
Inside of Jay G's Outhouse
Photo donated by Jay G.
    Curator's Comment: I received the following Email from Jay G. He is a huge fan of The Outhouses of America Tour and wanted to know if we could post pictures of his recently completed Outhouse on the Tour. These are his own words describing the Outhouse shown above...
    My Fiancée made it clear to me that she did not want to go to the property without a bathroom. Knowing full well that I would not win the argument, I started the construction process with a good friend of mine. The entire outhouse was built in about a month inside my garage in Metro Detroit. It was built with pressure treated lumber and tongue and groove siding. We decided on a one piece roof on an incline to make it easier on us, as well as a toilet cone from Far North Fiberglass (Great Toilet). Once the construction was complete we took it apart piece by piece and loaded it in my ATV trailer for transport up North.
    The “glory-hole” is five feet deep and braced with wood to prevent collapse. The outhouse went back together without too much of a problem. We decided to install a stink pipe from the glory-hole through the roof to help with the smell. We painted the pipe black to ensure the sun would heat the pipe and help with solar venting. For circulation we left an opening at the top sides of the outhouse and covered it with a screen. The front door of the outhouse has a Moon and a Star, showing that it is for a man or a woman lol. In an attempt to help people not take the outhouse too seriously I have put funny stickers/placards/wall ornaments all over the walls of the outhouse. I also recently installed a satellite dish on the side to help with the laughs!

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