Mackay, Idaho Hatchery Outhouse
What A View near Mackay, Idaho!
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The Old Hatchery Outhouse with the Idaho Mountains in the Background
The Old Hatchery Outhouse with the
Idaho Mountains in the Background

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Photo by J. Loose
Never light a cigarette inside an Outhouse!
Never light a cigarette inside an Outhouse!
Photo from M. Hoover
Mackay State Hatchery
The new Mackay Fish Hatchery Outhouse
The new Mackay Fish Hatchery Outhouse
Photo from M. Hoover
Mackay State Hatchery
This outhouse is located at the state fish hatchery in Mackay, ID. We actually used this one and I have to admit, this one had a bad odor!. If you purchase the picture, you will have a classic because this Outhouse is no longer among the living.
This too is a fully functional outhouse and as you can see, it is in a mountain valley and what a view there was! We were able to fish at the hatchery and caught a few fresh trout. You can tell the fish are fresh when you catch them, clean them, store them for 3 days in the reefer and cook them the fourth day and there is NO fish odor after preparing and cooking them. It makes you realize just how un-fresh some of the store bought fish are.
I left the image alone without lightening it up. I used a polarizer and the blue sky turned a deep shade of blue, hence the dark appearance. The door is facing you in the dark area which is actually in the shadow because it was a bright sunny day.

Outhouse Update!

The Mackay Idaho State Fish Hatchery outhouse has been replaced.

Mick Hoover was kind enough to send the two pictures shown above of the old outhouse being burned down and its replacement. In the words of Hoover, "The old outhouse had seen better days when you visited quite a while ago. It was removed and disposed of by burning this past spring (photo). An outhouse removed from another location was salvaged and placed over a new concrete vault. Surplus vinyl siding was donated by the local lumber yard and it was completed this fall (photo). It could be the only vinyl sided outhouse in Idaho. The 'bad odor' you refer to in your original description is gone." Thanks for the great update Mick!

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