Just Below the Summit of Mt. Evans

A Rustic Outhouse at 14,000 Feet
Photo by J. Loose

This outhouse is located near the summit on Mt. Evans just outside of Denver, CO. There is a parking lot and a lake with some ICE COLD water but crystal clear. You can hike to the lake on provided trails and put your hand in the water. You pull it out again real fast. There is no skinny dipping in this lake!
This outhouse was in the rocks and built out of wood. Yes, that is snow at the upper left side of the picture. The windows were made by cutting holes and then placing bars up. This one had both a men's and ladies entrance on each end. Needless to say, you had to be relatively quiet while inside or the whole world could hear! That's what set this one away from all the rest. It was also so cold that you didn't stay for long. You went in and went out as fast as you could.
As I said in the other Mt. Evans outhouse page, the summit of Mt. Evans is really nice in that you can drive there in your car and park in a nice parking lot. To reach the actual summit, you have to take a winding trail and climb another 150 to 300 feet. You must take frequent rests due to the thin air and believe me, everyone you meet is sucking air. Once you reach the summit, the view is spectacular. If you are adventurous, you can climb straight up the side of the mountain because there are large boulders to use. Many rock climbers did just that but not me. I found the walk enough of an adventure.
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