Mt. Whitney Outhouse located at 14,480 Feet
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Mt. Whitney Outhouse at the Summit
Mt. Whitney Outhouse at the Summit
Photo by Bic Ballpoint (Used by permission)
    [Curator's Comment: These are the exact words of the contributor describing the history of this Outhouse.] "Not very dramatic, but these (which are no longer there) were once the highest outhouses in the "Lower 48," located very near the summit of Mt. Whitney (elev. 14,491 ft.). I took this photo in October 1964--it's yours for whatever use you might want to make of it.
    Oh, to get technical, I'd guess these are sitting at el. 14,480--the summit is off to the right--east-- about 100 feet.
    Enjoyed your "Outhouses" site! Thanks."

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