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A Hunting Outhouse in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley
A Hunting Outhouse in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley
Image from Andrew McMichael
This is a picture of an outhouse I built on my father-in-law's hunting property. It sits on about twenty acres, in a town called Zep, thirty miles south of Winchester, Virginia, off highway 81.
Since the property is used as a hunting and camping retreat, and is unimproved, people were simply using an old log in the woods to support themselves when the went to the bathroom. So on one of my first trips up there in 1992, I built this beauty. It is a one-holer with a toilet paper rack and lantern rack on the inside. It is also equipped with a magazine rack.
Zep is located at the top of the Shenandoah Valley, and when you make use of the outhouse in the early morning, and leave the door open, you get a lovely view of the fog lifting off the valley. You can see for about 20-30 miles. And the open door blocks the line-of-sight from the trailer/camp area. Its really beautiful. Because of my construction of this outhouse, I've now gotten orders from two other hunters in the area to build outhouses for their properties.
Andrew McMichael [drew@comped1.cas.vanderbilt.edu]
The outhouse was used by permission from Andrew McMichael. The description above is his own. Andrew's home page is located at http://comped1.cas.vanderbilt.edu/~drew.
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