An Anniversary Outhouse

A really nice outhouse drawing
A Real Nice Outhouse Drawing
Drawn by Martha Hinson
This year, for an anniversary present, I was given a small package to open. I opened the package and inside was a magnificent drawing of a cute little outhouse. I couldn't help but notice the great detail that went into this drawing by Martha Hinson.
This outhouse is rather unusual in that it has a vent out the roof and the roof looks like it has wooden shingles. Of course, there's the telltale half moon on the door but this one has a wooden door stop which you would turn down to keep the door shut. The only problem with those is that someone could play a trick on the person inside and lock them in. Most outhouses that I have used have had the door open inward. Our outhouse on the farm had a wooden door stop like the one shown in the drawing on the inside. I also couldn't help but notice the shape and color of the wood at the bottom. It appears to be discolored and mildewed from moisture in the ground or something else. I don't see any windows but maybe there is one on either side or back. Notice the flowering bushes next to the sides. This probably gives a nice aroma in the summer to hopefully provide some good aroma which would surely mix with the bad...
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