Deposit Your Money in the Outhouse Bank!

Put your money in hereTry Me!
Put your money in here
Photo by J. Loose
Try Me!
Photo by J. Loose
Top Left ViewTop Right View
Top Left View
Photo by J. Loose
Top Right View
Photo by J. Loose
Front View of the Outhouse Bank
Front View of the Outhouse Bank
Photo by J. Loose
  This time I have incentive to save money. This was a birthday gift from my sister. She has found a very unique place which sells all kinds of Outhouse things.
  When you put a coin through the roof, you have to press down on the chimney. When you do, you hear a funny remark from the person inside "Did someone die in here?" Look closely at the front. you will see a gray plank which is how you get inside. When you press down on it, you hear another sound!

  Where can I get one? That's a million dollar question. I don't know if they are still available but this one came from a company called Funrise located in California. Here is the information you will need:
    Funrise Inc
    6115 Variel Ave.
    Woodland Hills, CA 91367-3727
    Phone: (818)883-2400
    Item # 72773
    Made in China

  They have a really nice web site located at
As of 14 December 2000, I found out that the item has been discontinued for some time from Funrise, but is available at QVC. type in the item number L58784. You will be able to order directly from the site. I hope this info helps! I tried to use their web site but couldn't get it working on either browser but you can order from this number: Order by phone: 1-888-345-5788. Tell them you saw their number on my web site. Ask about item number L58784
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