A Management and Employees 2-Story Outhouse

A Management vs. Employee's 2-Story Outhouse
A Management vs. Employee's 2-Story Outhouse
Photo by Unknown (Sent by many Outhouses of America Visitors)
  This photo has been sent to me by many, many of my site's visitors. Everyone always asks me if I have seen it so I decided to put it on the site. I don't necessarily agree with the placement of the signs...I'm sure at one time or another, both sides have felt on the bottom!
  What else can you see in the images shown? Many times a photo is worth a thousand words and I've only elaborated with a few so here is your chance to add some "color commentary" to my collection. If your addition is worthy, you will find the quote added on the Comments to the Curator page. You can use Email to respond.


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