His and Hers Outhouse Complete With Mirrors and Towels!

His & Hers Outhouse with Mirrors & TowelsAn Outhouse Hole with a Seat!
His & Hers Outhouse with Mirrors & Towels
Photo by J. Loose
An Outhouse Hole with a Seat & Toilet Paper!
Photo by J. Loose
I belong to a Fish and Game Club in New Hampshire and they have a lot of ranges to shoot at. Upon investigation, I found they have constructed a newer outhouse divided into His and Hers. Both sides are two-holers and they even installed toilet seats over the holes! Just inside the doorway in the front, there are large mirrors installed and a towel hanging so you can "dry" your hands off! The wall separating the Men and Ladies in this one is pretty thin so it can get pretty interesting at times...
To make it more accomodating, they paved the walkway up to the doors, installed an outdoor light and painted "Rest Room" on the front. I guess they didn't want people to think it was an outhouse. Pretty interesting to watch the ladies enter and come right back out..."Why I'm not going in there; That's an Outhouse!"
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