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Pennsylvania Victorian Home For Sale
Complete With His & Hers Outhouse

The Victorian HomeHis & Hers Outhouse
The Victorian Home
Newspaper Photo by Kristen Cortazzo / Of The Patriot-News
His & Hers Outhouse
Newspaper Photo by Kristen Cortazzo / Of The Patriot-News

  Dateline: 1 December 2002
  This comment came from a visitor to the Outhouses of America Tour. "My uncle grew up in that mansion. His father or grandfather rebuilt the smaller original home into the manor you see today. My uncle still lives in the area in Richland, about 3 miles from the manor. Two brothers bought the manor and a couple of the other buildings, but not the big barn. The brothers are restoring the manor as I type. Selling price I think was $500,000 with only a few acres of land, not the 150. The brothers are doing a good job. It's going to take a lot work and money to restore the manor. If your in the area stop and see a beautiful old grand manor. "
  Dateline: 12 April 2002
  This comment came from a visitor to the Outhouses of America Tour. "The Tulpehocken Manor is in Meyerstown, Lebanon County, PA. At the Lebanon County Historical Society I have found that it is proven that George Washington stayed there on three separate occasions. I took a picture of this Outhouse and have it hanging in my bathroom with the caption "George Washington Sat Here". This is, of course, not part of the proof at the historical society but he certainly must have! Right? My picture is great source of topic and company often visit my bathroom just to see it. Robin"
  Dateline: 27 August 2000
  This is an unconfirmed update from a visitor to my web site: "An update to the Pennsylvania Victorian Home For Sale Complete With His & Hers Outhouse. This is a beautiful 150 acre estate in Myerstown, PA. It has been sold recently by Colonial Realty. Contact George Bechtold at 717) 299-7231 for further information or email him at: sold@lancnews.infi.net".
  Dateline: 16 April 2000
Here is the update on the big mansion in the Central PA area that has the his/hers outhouse/Victorian outhouse that you have a picture of on your web.
  Basically, it is called the Tulpehocken Manor Plantation. It's for sale still. The man died but the woman is the owner now. It is deteriorating and needs a new roof. If it isn't bought soon, it could be bulldozed. Here is a description:
  Built in 1769 in the Colonial style and later expanded to a Victorian with 27 rooms. It has 150 acres which includes four other historical homes from as early as 1732, smoke houses, a bake house, a cider house, massive bank barn, spring houses, and a Victorian-style outhouse with a cupola. The roof is leaking and that's the most immediate need (on the main house). It needs a heating system, plumbing, and electrical wiring. The owner, Esther Nissly is asking 1.2 million dollars for the land and the buildings. They also think it could cost that much to restore the place. The property has excellent frontage on Route 422 and is located just two miles west of Myerstown, PA. I guess if anyone is truly interested, they can contact Monica von Dobeneck, who wrote the article. Her Phone is 717-832-2090 and email is mdobeneck@patriot-news.com.
  Important: Please read this PRIOR to calling this poor person.
Dateline: July 1999 - I work in the living department of The Patriot-News. I have received quite a few calls in the last two months in reference to a Victorian house with his and her outhouses. I even received a call from a real estate agent in York County. The first few times I researched for the information, even though our library system isn't for the general public. People are under the illusion that this is just a house, but in fact it's a 27-room, 150 acre manor. The asking price was 1.5 million and they couldn't even get 900,000 at their auction in May of 1997. I'm not sure if they've sold it since then. My editor would prefer that you refer people to go to the State Library in The Forum in Harrisburg or the East Shore Branch Library, Ethel St., Colonial Park. There they can do a search for stories which have been published in The Patriot-News on the Tulpehocken Manor near Myerstown in Lebanon County. Unfortunately we do not have an inside service here to research stories for the general public and I only work 25 hours per week and don't always have the time to help people with such requests. Thank you for your consideration.
  Dateline: 17 November 1998
  So many people have asked about the status of the Victorian house with the twin outhouses. Well, first let me say that about two months ago I saw an update on the Victorian house in The Patriot-News, which incidentally is the paper in Harrisburg, PA. The house is still for sale. Originally the two owners were trying to auction it off but didn't receive a high enough bid. Subsequently, the man has died and the woman is now living there and finding the upkeep to be much too much for her. I believe it is still for sale. Can't remember the price but it did take my breath away. If anyone is interested in the home, you can probably find out contact information if you contact the Patriot-News. Their address is The Patriot-News, 812 Market St., Harrisburg, PA 17101. The phone number of the Living section (which I believe the original articles appeared in) is 717-255-8269. I hope someone buys the home who will really appreciate and maintain it. It would be a great shame to see it razed for some development.
  Here is the original text: My sister called me and told me about an article she had read in the local newspaper. Apparently there is an old Victorian Style home in Pennsylvania owned by Esther Nissly, 81 and James Henry, 79 (in 1997). The upkeep on the home and surrounding property is getting to be too much so they have put the property on the market. Included in the estate is a Victorian-style outhouse with a cupola on top. The his-and-her outhouse is shown above and comes with separate entrances for the ladies and men of the manor.
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