Pinery Provincial Park Outhouse in Ontario Canada

Pinery Provincial Park in Grand Bend, Ontario Canada
Pinery Provincial Park in Grand Bend, Ontario Canada
Photo by J. Loose
These outhouses were near our campsite at The Pinery. There were two stalls in the Men's and two stalls in the Women's. Pinery Outhouses Near Our Campsite
Pinery Outhouses Near Our Campsite
Photo by J. Loose
Closeup of the Doors As it sometimes does, the sun had a time with this picture. At least you can see what the doors look like.
Closeup of the Doors
Photo by J. Loose
This is the type of commode used in the outhouses at the Pinery Provincial Park. A cleaning crew comes in daily to wash them out. The Commode
The Commode in the Pinery Outhouse
Photo by J. Loose
The Outhouse Sink - A Fine Addition Indeed This is the sink you can use as you come out the doors of the outhouse. It is covered by a green roof which casts a green glow on everything. There is only cold water but who cares? The fact that water is there is a big plus after using the outhouse!
The Outhouse Sink - A Fine Addition Indeed
Photo by J. Loose
Once again, I've managed to tell you most everything in the text above. There are many examples of these outhouses scattered throughout the Pinery Provincial Park. If you ever get a chance to visit the park, do so. It is located East of Sarnia, Ontario. If you would like to visit the Pinery, go East on Route 402 to Route 21 North. Follow 21 through Forest and go almost to Grand Bend. You will find the Pinery on your left and you'll see the sign shown above in the first picture.
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