A Canadian Poop Deck!

Closeup of the Poop Deck
Closeup of the Poop Deck
Photo by J. Loose
A View of the Poop DeckPoop Deck View
A View of the Poop Deck
Photo by J. Loose
The Poop Deck is on Stilts
Photo by J. Loose
One day last Fall, some friends of ours said "Hey, come on down to the boat and we'll go for a cruise over to Canada. We've got something to show you that you might be interested in."
We drove to the Marina and piled onto the boat and after fueling up, took off on our adventure. We soon passed by Windsor, Ontario and were headed Southeast on Lake St. Clair.
After a bit of time, we came to a channel and began to cruise down it. In the distance, we could see something at the end of a person's dock. As we got closer, we saw THE POOP DECK! Although the pictures don't do it justice, there is a gondola on top of an elevated platform and next to the gondola is...THE TOILET!
The toilet is in plain view on the left side and is available for use if you dare!
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