The Outhouse Revisited
A Book by Sherman Hines

The Front Cover Outhouse
The Front Cover of The Outhouse Revisited
Photo by Sherman Hines
Consider this web page a book review of The Outhouse Revisited, a book containing all kinds of photographs by Sherman Hines and Text by Don Harron. It is available to order from Wireless Catalog, 1000 Westgate Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55114-1631. And now, on with the review...
An avid Outhouse fan which writes me regularly saw this book advertised by Wireless Catalog. As a gift to me, she ordered one for me and one for herself. I am really happy that she did so and as the saying goes, I owe her something! We both received the book at the same time and looked carefully through it. The book is 93 pages and most pages have at least one nice photo of an outhouse. In fact, there are 90 full color photographs contained in the book. I think all of these outhouses are located in Canada from what I could tell from the text, or should I say, lack thereof. The only flaw I consider the book to have is the lack of text about the various outhouse photos. Each picture has a 1-liner piece of text near it. Some are cute while others are rather dumb. I think they take away from the real strong point of the book and that is the photos. They are great. The only improvement I would like to see on a book of this type is a description of each outhouse such as where is it located, how old is it, is it being used today, and a little history behind the outhouse. That leaves a great opening for my Outhouses of America Tour website and a book of my own some day. I always try to add some text describing the outhouse so you can feel as though you visited it in person! One thing which I liked very much about the book was this; Inside the front and back covers, there are what appear to be reproductions of draftsman drawings of how to build an outhouse. Namely, the Sherman Hines 3-holer Outhouse. I guess we now know what the author's outhouse looks like! In fact, it is probably the outhouse shown in the photo above!
What else can you see in the images shown? Many times a photo is worth a thousand words and I've only elaborated with a few so here is your chance to add some "color commentary" to my collection. If your addition is worthy, you will find the quote added on the Comments to the Curator page. You can use Email to respond.


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