The Outhouse Curator's Outhouse Neck Tie!

The Outhouse Curator's Tie!

An Outhouse Curator's Tie!
The Outhouse Curator's Tie!
Photo's by J. Loose
This tie was received as a gift for Christmas in 1996. When I first received it I was a little amazed and laughed real hard. It was fitting that exactly one month after receiving it, I wore it for the first time to work and what a reaction from the people. When people saw me, their eyes kept drifting down to my tie. I finally asked someone if they saw my tie and all I got was a meek "Yes...". Once again, my sister has outdone herself. I'm sure she never thought I would wear it to work but then again, maybe she did. I kind of like the TP flying around and the little guy sitting there.
What else can you see in the photo shown? Many times a photo is worth a thousand words and I've only elaborated with a few so here is your chance to add some "color commentary" to my collection. If your addition is worthy, you will find the quote added on the Comments to the Curator page. You can use Email to respond.


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