An Outhouse Towel Rack
An Outhouse Towel Rack
An Outhouse Towel Rack
Photo from P. Johnson (Used by permission)
  Here is a great idea for all of you crafty people. P. Johnson came up with this idea and must make them for craft sales. She wanted to show me the outhouse towel rack and shelf that she makes. She can't keep these in stock! I tried to get her to sell them on my web site but she just can't make them fast enough for the ones she does sell. Peggy is glad she found the Outhouses of America web site! She is a crafter and has looked everywhere for a saying to go on her outhouse plaque. She glues a picture of an outhouse that has been burned around the edges on a piece of old old barn wood and she wants a saying to go at the bottom of the plaque. She asked me if I had any good ideas?? Here's a few she has found so far--
  "Two holer-------no waiting"
  "Too far from the back door in winter.....too close in summer"
  Most people hang these on their bathroom door or in the bathroom--outhouse decorating is hot now! Wouldn't our ancesors roll over in their graves!!!

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