A Northwestern Arkansas Outhouse made out of Pallets
WV Commune Outhouse before snow West Virginia Commune Outhouse in the Winter
A Northwestern Arkansas Outhouse without Snow
Photo from Moonshine (Used by permission)
A Northwestern Arkansas Outhouse
in the Winter

Photo from Moonshine (Used by permission)
  It doesn't snow a lot here in NW Arkansas; When it does it usually dumps on us. The picture on the left is of Moonshine's outhouse without snow. Moonshine lived in an alternative (commune) community that had 2 seats in the Outhouse. She was never sure what to say to person who sat down next to her! These pictures of her outhouse clearly show you that it was built out of pallets and covered with oak boards. Inside features include an oak seat, chalkboard in case it takes a while and a nice big window for taking in the sights. She lives in the Ozark Mountains of NW Arkansas.

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