A Port-A-Squat in Iraq
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Porta Squat in Iraq
Port-A-Squat Outhouse in Iraq
Photo taken by Royal M.
Used by Permission
    This photo was taken of the interior of a porta-potty on a U.S. Army base (Cedar II) near Nasariya, Iraq. This wasn't in the Army encampment area, but was located in the area where the truckers parked and stayed for the night. A lot of the drivers in the convoys were Egyptians or Paskistani's ... so the Army finally installed toilets more convenient to their usage. However, they did have signs up saying (in Arabic) to not throw the water bottles into the toilet. Bottled water was used to clean the left hand and the anal area.
    Royal was a civilian convoy commander and truck driver over there working for Halliburton (KBR) in support of the Army.
    Royal took the photo of the outhouse in Iraq at Camp Cedar II in the region of UR of Chaldea. He took the foto in the Spring ... because the winter rains had gone away and all the mud was dried up ...
    He guesses they (the Army) got tired of the muddy footprints on the regular toilet seats ... and the majority of the drivers were Egyptian, Pakistani, or Afghan anyway (the American drivers had military ID and could go into the Army camp). So they switched over to this kind of porta-potty. He has no idea where they got them from ... maybe they were made for construction sites in Kuwait or Saudi-Arabia.
    For an American, it takes some doing to get the hang of using one. We aren't used to squatting down with our rear between our ankles (while the feet are still flat on the ground). Royal has seen people rest and talk for hours in that position (no chairs, just desert all around).

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