Speedwell Forge B & B Outhouse
in Lancaster County PA
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The Speedwell Forge B & B Outhouse
Photo by G. Hesling (Used by permission)
    [Curator's Comment: These are the exact words of the contributor describing the history of this Outhouse.] Our outhouse in Lancaster Pennsylvania is being listed on the National Register of Historic Places! In 1784, Robert Coleman, a prominent ironmaster who became Pennsylvania's first millionaire, bought the Speedwell iron forge and its three-story stone mansion. He expanded the mansion to reflect his wealth and status and likely replaced the original wooden outhouse with this stone one at that time. The outhouse has two doors, two windows, and three holes, but no indicator as to which side was whose. The property remained in the Coleman family until 1941, when the Darlingtons purchased it. Dawn Darlington, third generation caretaker, is currently restoring all of the buildings and will open the Speedwell Forge B & B in spring 2006. The property, including the outhouse, should be on the National Register by then as well. The outhouse will get a new roof, the stonework will be repointed, the doors and windows will be stripped and repainted, and the inside will get a thorough cleaning -- it will look brand new, although we'll probably cover the holes for liability reasons. We're blogging the restoration, including lots of pictures, on our web site at http://www.speedwellforge.com (click "Journal").

    Our insurance agent, of all people, is an "outhouse digger" and has first dibs on this one!

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