This outhouse was located on top of a mountain in Yellowstone Park

A Modern Day Outhouse

This outhouse was located on top of a mountain in Yellowstone Park
Photo by J. Loose
This outhouse is located on top of a mountain in Yellowstone Park. We drove up to get a look of the area and you could see the Tetons and Jackson Hole.
I found this outhouse to be quite modern. Obviously the architect wanted it to blend in with the surroundings so that must be why it looked like a building more than an outhouse. It took an experienced eye to figure out just what it was but I knew after a quick cursory check of the area that yes, it had to be an outhouse.
The sun was shining again on this day and the air was crisp as we drove up the mountain. After reaching the top parking lot, you had to walk up a rather steep path to get to the photo op area. The air is rather thin at the altitude we were at but you can see forever so the climb is worth it.
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