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Extra! Extra! Read All About Composting Toilets and The Loveable Loo®

    As you know, we became famous by featuring pretty much everything you would want to know about outhouses. We are becoming more and more green and that is why we now firmly believe that all outhouses could be converted to a greener outhouse by using the Loveable Loo instead of "dumping" into the ground. You can learn more about Humanure, Composting your human waste and going green by using a Loveable Loo and sawdust. Read about the Loveable Loo by clicking this link!

    Penn's Store in Gravel Switch, Kentucky awarded us the Crescent Moon award in 2005. Turns out they sponsor a monthly guitar picking and singing session. Here are some samples. We know you will enjoy the music.
    2/10/2008 Here's latest YouTube Video from the P&S session at Penn's Store. Steve Shepperson (Forkland area, Parksville) lead guitar, Don Littrell ( Lincoln County ) on Bass, Andy Rice (Danville ) on rhythm guitar, Dawn Osborn (Penn's Store) on acoustic guitar, Brain Chappell ( Perryville, KY - originally Iowa) on rhythm & lead guitar. Gut Bucket player is Lebanon, KY attorney, Ted Lavit (originally from Brooklyn, NY) ... Wendell Luckett ( Lebanon, KY )is playing the Pretzel Tub (his favorite instrument) straight from the shelf at Penn's Store. Yours truly here is getting down with the Mason Jar "Bottle Caps". Peg Reynolds behind counter (originally Pennsylvania) is playing "spoons". Our percussion section keeps growing!
        Click HERE to see the session. Enjoy!

    1/27/2008 Here is the January 27, 2008 session from the store. Click on link to see latest YouTube video of DAWN OSBORN along with Steve and Wendell at Penn's Store. (Wendell is playing the Penn's Store pretzel tub ... straight from the shelf.) Enjoy!

    1/13/2008 Here is the January 13th session from the store. DAWN OSBORN is singing HEARTBREAK HOTEL:

    If you would like to learn more about Dawn Osborn, you can visit her web site here:

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