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Coverage of the Trenary, Michigan
Outhouse Classic and Outhouse Racing

Welcome Outhouse Racing Fans!
2015 Race Information

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We made several You TUBE videos of past races. Watch the 2008 entry from Northern Michigan University NMU in the 15th Annual Outhouse Race in Trenary, Michigan!

This You Tube video features the 2007 entry from Northern Michigan University's entry in the Trenary, Michigan Outhouse race. The students entered a classic called Shitweiser, The King of Shit, and it was hilarious! You can see it here:

2015 Outhouse Race Information is below
All good things must come to an end and 2008 was the last year we attended the Outhouse Classic race. The race continues on so you can still attend on the last Saturday in February. 2008 was our 10th year at the race. The weather was perfect. We made a DVD video documentary of the race and we can tell you that this year, the video is 1 hour long! We captured some fun and unusual things before, during and after the race. If you were there, you may find yourself on the video. Click HERE to read about the 2008 race that was held on February 23, 2008.

2007 public pictures are available below. A DVD video is available of the races complete with a bonus slide show of the race photos as well.

 Click HERE for Outhouse Classic Race Information!
2007 Race photos are HERE!!!
 The 2007 Outhouse Races Were Held on Saturday February 24, 2007
The 2007 theme was "Put your HOLE Heart Into the 14th ever Trenary Outhouse Classic".
The weather was just great this year. Subscribers are able to view every photo that was taken at the races this year.
2006 Race photos are HERE!!!
 The 2006 Outhouse Races Were Held on Saturday February 25, 2006
The 2006 theme is "Push Your Luck at the 13th ever Trenary Outhouse Classic".
The weather was COLD and WINDY this year. Subscribers are able to view every photo that was taken at the races this year.
 2005 Race photos are HERE!!!
 The 2005 Outhouse Races Were Held on Saturday February 26, 2005
The 2005 theme is "Let's POTTY at the Dozenth ever Trenary Outhouse Classic".
The weather was fantastic again this year and there were entries from New York, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and probably other states as well. Subscribers are able to view every photo that was taken at the races this year.
 2004 Race photos are HERE!!!  
The 11th Year was Great!!! 2004's theme for the Outhouses?
"Leap into the 11th ever Outhouse Classic"
Outhouse Racing Rules and Information

1994 - 2004 Outhouse Race Pictures and Coverage

  • We Race Outhouses!
    Leap into the 11th Ever Outhouse Classic Only in Trenary, Michigan
    Pictures of the 11th Ever Outhouse Classic held on February 28, 2004.
  • We Race Outhouses!
    We're Gonna Glow at the Big 1-OH in Trenary, Michigan
    Pictures of the 10th Ever Outhouse Classic held on February 22, 2003.
  • We Race Outhouses!
    Get Dressed to Da 9's in Trenary, Michigan
    Pictures of the 9th Ever Outhouse Classic held on February 23, 2002.
  • We Race Outhouses!
    Get Privy to Da 8th Wonder of the World in Trenary, Michigan
    The latest coverage of the 2001 Races!!
  • We Race Outhouses!
    I'll Be In 7th Heaven at the Outhouse Classic in Trenary, Michigan.
    You've GOT to see this page!!!
  • We Race Outhouses!
    The 6th Ever Outhouse Classic in Trenary, Michigan.
    Another Must See!!!
  • The Annual Winter Outhouse Races in Trenary, Michigan; 1994-1998
    Classic Coverage of Classic Races!
  • Outhouse Racing Information!
    The 2006-2008 Outhouse Classic pictures are here. Outhouse Racing is fun!
    U.P. Daily News Update on the 13th annual February Outhouse Classic Race in Trenary, Michigan
     2006 Race Pictures
     "GET 'ER DONE" was frequently heard throughout the day (a common U.P. phrase) and the reporters from the U.P. Daily News were there to document the event again this year. The 2006 Outhouse Races were held on Saturday February 25, 2006 in Trenary, Michigan and it was COLD and Windy (not from internal gas either!) and it was another huge success. Here are a few pictures hot off the press. If you missed last year's race, don't worry, we have a full DVD available exclusively on this web site. A portion of the proceeds goes back to Trenary to help the needy.
    This year's Outhouse Racing DVD is better than ever!!!

    Welcome Outhouse Racing Fans!
    Here is the 2008 Outhouse Classic Race information:
    Note: The rules usually do not change from year to year so these rules should apply to all future years. Secondly, the race is always held on the last Saturday in February. Make sure you email or call the race committee to make sure the race is still being held the year you are planning to attend. Thank you.

    The 2008 Outhouse Races were held on
    Saturday February 23, 2008 at 2 PM EST
    This year's theme for the Outhouses?
    "Bring your dear
    to the 15th ever
    Trenary Outhouse Classic"

    Entry Pins are $1.00 advance purchase and $2.00 the day of the race. BUY EARLY!! BEAT THE RUSH!! All entries will be eligible for the "5" $50 Drawings. There is a number on the back of the pin so match your number to the winning numbers list displayed in the Registration Tent.

    what is an OUTHOUSE RACE?!?
    Well, take a few moments to read all about it! You will at least be smarter about something you've never even thought about...BETTER YET, you'll decide to believe it when you see it and decide to join us on February 23, 2008.

    Home-made outhouses made of wood, cardboard, etc...which are built on skis and pushed by 2 "Racers". Each year has a different theme. This year's theme is
        "Bring your dear
        to the 15th ever
        Trenary Outhouse Classic

      Some outhouses are very simple and built for speed. Most are funny and some are so elaborate you wouldn't mind having them in your backyard!

    The outhouses are Pushed one-by-one approximately 500 feet down the Main Street of Trenary, Michigan USA. The Adult racers with the best times win cash for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places. Depending on age there's 5 different categories and there are more prizes for different categories that have nothing to do with how fast one goes (No pun intended, Yah, Right!).

    Anyone who has a sense of humor or needs one! Some folks like to build, some like to race and EVERYONE likes to watch!

    Main Street in TRENARY situated smack-dab in the middle of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Population may be 400 except for the Outhouse Classic day when it reaches 4000 Plus!) You have to buy some Trenary Toast before leaving. It is great and only made in Trenary. The ice fishing in this area is also great. Try some of the local establishments for fantastic fish dinners. They even have a fisherman's breakfast at some restaurants that give you pan fried trout and eggs!

    Every last Saturday in February! This event gets held rain or shine; 30 below or 40 degrees! Dress warmly! (Yep, that makes it an Annual Event)!

    Races begin at 2:00 PM EST! Yes! We are in the Eastern Time Zone for those people coming from out of state. Little Kids Races begin at 2:00 PM followed by Big Kids followed by Adults 50 and over! *Must be registered by 1:30 PM EST*.

      Fun, Fun, Fun!
      Beats Cabin Fever...
      Fun, Fun, Fun!
      What else is there to do in the middle of winter?
      Fun, Fun, Fun!
      Good stories to tell your friends...
      Fun, Fun, Fun!
      Eat Pasties and watch some interesting people in the local firehouse...
      Register your outhouse and get 2 free T-Shirts and 2 rolls of our special Autographed Toilet Paper!   Fun and laughter is had by all!

    The list is endless but it's important for you to know that the profits of this event are given back into Trenary's Community!

    In addition to the races, Main Street Trenary provides a day of fun, Food and vendors...(You can also buy an official Outhouse T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Pin, Cap or headband in the registration tent).

    Build an outhouse with wood, cardboard, etc..., put in a toilet seat and a roll of toilet paper, mount it on skis and PUSH it the 500 feet to win!

    2015 Race Categories
    • Squirts (ages 5-11)
    • Dingleberrys (ages 12-17)
    • Stinkers (ages 18-35)
    • Da Sharts (ages 36-49)
    • Old Farts (ages 50+ years young)

    2015 Outhouse Classic Size Requirements

    Kids Races (17 & Under):
    • SIZE: 18" x 24" x 40" tall
    • Attach 12" PUSH BARS on each side
    • Skis or Toboggan allowed for the runners
    Adult Races (18 and Up):
    • SIZE: 3' x 4' x 6' tal
    • Push Bars NOT TO EXCEED 16" on each side.
    • Mounted on SKIS ONLY for runners
    •   (NO METAL/ALUMINUM – Metal will be disqualified)
    2015 entry fees:
      There are several categories now that range from Squirts to Old Farts and the Entry Fees range from $20 to $40 and I believe that includes a T-Shirt.

    who can i contact?
    • OuthouseClassic@yahoo.com
    • (906)202-2274

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