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Outhouse Models and Miscellaneous

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  • A Bird House Outhouse with Functioning Door!
  • The Outhouse - A Poem about Outhouses
  • The Tiny Cabin Short Story
  • There is an Outhouse in the 2009 Disney Pixar movie "Up"
  • Toilet Made Out of Money
  • Dump Cake Recipe
  • Terre Haute, Indiana Outhouse Expert Recites the History of Outhouses in Rhyme
  • North Carolina 1/3 Scale Pump Cover Outhouse
  • The Boy and The Outhouse
  • The Outhouse That Started My Collection
  •  Newfoundland Newfie 2-Holer Model Outhouse
  • The Outhouses of America Curator's 2004 Christmas Gifts
  • A Custom Built Miniature Motorcycle Handmade Outhouse
  • Put your Kleenex inside of thie Model Outhouse
  • A Birdhouse-Sized Homemade Outhouse
  • Wooden Outhouse Magnet
  • Sam the Lavatory Man (A Canadian Girl Guide Song)
  • A Leather Outhouse Door Knob Ringer
  • Now you see'em; Now you don't; Naked in the Outhouse
  • An Outhouse Towel Rack
  • An Outhouse on Fire; Remember to Crush All Smokes
  • Buy an Aristocrat Privy Division Outhouse
  • You Better Register Your Name in the Outhouse!
  • The Outhouse Revisited - A Book by Sherman Hines
  • An Outhouse CD Holder
  • An Outhouses of Northern Michigan Shirt
  • A Copper Outhouse Music Box
  • Deposit Your Money in the Outhouse Bank!
  • An Outhouse Night Light
  • See Santa in the Outhouse!
  • An Outhouse Storage Container for Toilet Paper
  • Reach for the Outhouse if you need something to Wipe With!
  • An Outhouse Towel Rack or is it a Towel Rack for an Outhouse?
  • An Outhouse Collection in Pennsylvania!
  • A Book to Read While You Are In An Outhouse - Relive the Story!
  • The Outhouse Curator's Tie!

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